Wilson SuperSkin A2000


What is the best glove to use ?

The one question that we get asked so often.

There is no correct answer to this question as every person is totally different in there style of play.

There are many brands and styles available in todays market but only one the

Wilson Superskin A2000  glove comes to mind that is suited to all styles of play that we can

recommend as an all round game changing glove.

So why buy the Wilson SuperSkin Glove?

In our opinion, Its the one brand that fits well, is light weight, plus has style you just

cant find in any other glove. 

Wilson SuperSkin  has a fantastic & proven track record.

Wilson have made this glove from the ultimate new age material, "Superskin".

Superskin has double the strength and is half the weight of leather.

How good is that?

Start playing the game you always wanted without the distraction of a poor fitting glove.

The SuperSkin A2000 glove is made from ProStock® leather and Super Skin,

"demanded by top professional players." 

If you are serious about your sport  then this glove is for you.

MLB® field tested for durability. Dual-welting® finger design helps

maintain a stable pocket. Dri-Lex® wrist lining manages moisture to

keep your hand dry and cool.

The Wilson Superskin A2000 glove in our opinion is just made for you.

Wilson SuperSkin was developed to make you a lightweight glove without

sacrificing your performance

SuperSkin will repel moisture  thus reducing the overall weight of the

glove during a game. Used on MLB fields since 1998,

SuperSkin is unquestionably  the only legitimate alternative to leather,

Thus making a lightweight glove without sacrificing durability. 

Do not replace leather with nylon. 

This porous material is weaker than leather -

that is why they cover it with leather at the stress points.

"Take your gloves as serious as you take your sport"

Don't be left behind

Head to amazon and check out their fantastic range of gloves

You Deserve the best!!


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